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So many issues face us. Robert Williams can tackle them and make our community a safer, better place. Neighbors knowing neighbors childern playing with each other in their neighborhoods.


Business owners being friends and families and not corporate America. Parks full of families and childerns laughter, not the sound of screams and gun shots. Disneyland shouldn't be the happiest place on earth, our neighborhoods should.

We need to, we want to bring Anaheim back to the small town feel of yesterday. We're a town that needs to slow down and appreciate one another, enjoy conversations, basketball games, and family outtings.

Where the player's of the Ducks and the Angels are as much a part of our city and our city family as our own family and friends,  and churches are places for safety and security. Finally a city that looks at Disneyland and all other big businesses as partners and not the enemy.

This is the Anaheim that Robert Williams imagines for all anaheimers.

Robert lives in the city and lives in district 4.  He has lived and worked in the 4th district for over 13+ years and knows the issues that face our city. Other candidates will tell you that they have the answers to all of your concerns, they can stop crime, traffic, violence, and job loss.  this however is not true, Robert isn't going to tell you what you want to hear unless it's the truth and the truth is that Robert's issue is safety.


Campaign Issues: Safety in Every Aspect

Anaheim the 10th largest city in the State has a serious issue of community safety. Robert has a plans for the City of Anaheim and it will be discussed below. The plan is for your safety and the cities safety in every aspect.

Community Safety:

The key to community safety is getting the residents and business owners working together with public safety officals. The public must follow the Department of Homeland Security's "see something say something" motto.

The police, our public safety officers need to get out of their vehicles and get on the street. Robert's safety plan is to have the officer's in the city 'walk the beat'. Walking the beat, is a way for our officers to get to know the families in our city/community.

This becomes so very important to help fight crime, because our public safety officers will know the families in the district they will also know who doesn't belong helping to make the streets of our city safer.

Business Safety:

Businesses must be willing to become community partners with the families that live in the City.  The property owners must work with the city to clean up the buildings and the parking lots, and keep there buildings clean and neat.  New paint, bright lights, repair broken signs, and maintain parking lots.

By cleaning and sprucing up our city, the citizens of the community will bring the pride back.  Churches, businesses, neighbors, and co-workers will work together to bring the pride back to the City of Anaheim. This leads us to point 3.

Neighborhood Safety:

Neighborhood watch just doesn't work, signs in our neighborhoods are worn out and just look tacky. Robert believes in family and community. Anaheim will be the fun and safety central for the County of Orange. 

Families will get out of there houses, kids will play ball in the streets. Latch key kids will be safe at a neighbors house. Neighborhood get togethers will be common place.  Parties in the park will be safe and secure with neighbors knowing neighbors, with the police walking their beats, not only will Anaheim be the safest city, but the friendliest too.

Public Safety:

Any vendor in our district/city will have to have their vehicles clearly marked with the name of the company, vehicle number, as well as phone number and address.  The police department will be responsible for doing annual vehicle inspections to insure that they are safe as well as doing spot checks.  These vehicles must be permitted to work in the City of Anaheim.

All Uber/Taxi/Service Vehicle drivers will be required to go through a Department of Justice background check before they will be permitted to operate in the City of Anaheim, and all driver's must obtain a business license as independent contractors.  We will not allow anyone who has not been cleared with a background check to work in our city.  We will know who's safe and who is a threat to the community.

Food Safety:

Working with the County of Orange to create a food safety program that works as well as informs the public about the locations they choose to eat at.

Food trucks and ice cream truck drivers will be required to go through background checks as well as their vehicles being checked by the Anaheim Police Department for safety and the health department for cleanliness.  Code Enforcement will be charged with spot checks of these vehicles to confirm compliance.

Stores that prepare and sell food will be periodically inspected for safety and to ensure that proper hand washing and cleaning of the stores is done in a sanatary manner.  As city leaders, we have a duty to ensure there is no cross contamination occuring and our residents can be assured that all resturants and eating establishments are safe. Fines will be enforced on the businesses that fail to be in compliance, and the program will be funded through these fines.

Emergency Safety:

Members of our city will be trained and educated in Disaster Response as well as Disaster Prepardness.  Our city will be prepared for any situation and you will know what to do as residents of Anaheim.

Safety Defined:

'The condition of being protected from or unlikely to cause danger, risk, or injury.  This definition is the foundation of Robert's goals and desires for Anaheim when elected to serve you the citizens.


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